Left Coast Dog Services is a West Seattle dog-walking outfit that provides daily exercise, socialization, training and off-leash playtime for your best friend.  Our dog-walking clients are also eligible for boarding in our home.

Why hire an ordinary dog-walker when you can have an experienced dog-trainer in charge of your dog’s exercise regimen and recurrent training?  Many training opportunities occur over the course of a week.  Using a trainer-caliber dog-walker ensures that those trainable moments are redeemed as they occur.  We get dozens of compliments and questions every week from disbelieving observers, “Your dogs are so well-behaved!  How do you get them to walk like that?”

We offer hour-long leashed dog-walks at Lincoln Park or along the Alki/Harbor Dr. Waterfront 10:00am-3pm, Monday-Friday.  We usually walk 6-9 dogs at a time, although I like to show off a pack of 10+ occasionally.  The make-up of the smaller walking groups changes from day to day and our dogs end up being part of an extended pack of 30-40 dogs, which is fantastic for keeping dogs socialized.

If your dog is part of our dog-walking pack, then our fantastic vacation care is available to you.  We board 2-3 dogs at a time in our home—no kennels.  Dogs have the run of the ground floor and access to our secure backyard.  Staying here is like a slumber party for your dog—tons of fun and dog-walks, great human and canine company, all the while maintaining good habits and manners.  Dogs are supervised every moment they are in our care.

We aspire to develop long-term relationships with you and your dog.  Click here to see how that’s working for current clients.  We believe the reason we have the best dog-walking pack in town is due to our absolute commitment to our/your dogs’ happiness and welfare.  

We are adamant about only using positive training methods.  Anthony is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and regularly attends training conferences.  

Our West Seattle dog-walking service area extends from Alki Beach south to Barton St. and from Beach Dr. east to 30th Ave SW.  Our small service area means no long, hot rides to and from walks.